We are different at the biochemical level as we are at fingerprint level.

It’s time to choose your unique health recipe!

“One man’s food is another man’s poison.” Lucretius

Find out what is the diet that really suits you!

  • Online test to determine the metabolic type.
  • Online consultations from the comfort of your location.
  • No loss of time and energy, no stress, no additional costs as for the walk-in clinic.

What does a real nutrition plan mean?

Why are there so many “diets” on the nutritional market today? Why is there so much contradictory information? Why can you not finally see for yourself what foods and nutrients your body really needs?

Because we are all different at the biochemical level as we are on our fingerprints. What works for a person may not work for you and may even hurt a third person.

Immediate benefits noticed after following the Metabolic Typing® nutrition plan:

  • Controlling sweet cravings
  • Eliminate hunger between meals, increase satiety
  • Weight control
  • Balancing mood and blood glucose
  • Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity

In the long term, this program is an effective “tool” that can be used in many ways to ensure the healing of the body. This ensures the reversal and prevention of common and chronic diseases, as well as stopping premature aging.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the Metabolic Typing® questionnaire to determine your metabolic type.
  • Receive your results and additional documentation by email
  • Schedule one or more consultations for specialized support in implementing the nutritional program
  • Receive specific recommendations for proper procurement and preparation of meals, menu ideas for your metabolic type.
  • Receive specific recommendations for supplement use and lifestyle.

About Raluca Schachter

Raluca began her career in personalized nutrition and health in 2006 when she settled in the US. During the 8 years she spent there, she gained extensive knowledge in order to meet her clients’ various health challenges like profound gastrointestinal imbalances, persisting inflammatory and detoxification problems, autoimmune diseases, neurobiological issues, hormonal imbalances, dysglycemia, weight problems and more.

Raluca re-established in Europe in 2013 and continues to offer her online services internationally.

The health programs and personalized diets she offers provide a unique and comprehensive approach to health, where nutritional, genetic and biochemical requirements are firstly met using nutrients and foods using specific nutrients and foods that each metabolism thrives on. This functional and integrative approach is based on  detecting and eliminating of real, diverse but also hidden causes that lead to disorders and imbalances. In her investigative work she relies on revolutionary, non-invasive, high technology lab tests.

Your can find out more about Raluca’s health programs at MetabolicEnergy.net.

Raluca simply changed my life. The Metabolic Typing program, the food reactivity test, natural supplements and, above all, Raluca’s professionalism and solid knowledge helped me recover much of my health. (…) She is a solid source for anything new in natural medicine, naturopathy, genetics. I sincerely hope everyone will recognize the value of her recommendations and her professional level! – Diana Radoi

I highly recommend Raluca’s health program and I greatly appreciate the professionalism, experience, and attitude with which she addresses each case, as well as the soul that she puts into everything she does. I should also mention the psychological support that she brings with each consultation, Raluca being an analytical, well documented, intelligent, cultivated and well-anchored person in the realities of the times. – Marian S.

I met Raluca a few months ago, after…9 years of doctor visits, who couldn’t do much for my child’s situation with Lyme disease. (…) She was the first to finally understand what was happening with my child, and I couldn’t believe it! There was hope! We modified the diet according to my child’s metabolic type, we started a comprehensive protocol, and little by little, we obtained results! She taught us to eat healthier, to make the right food choices and rebalance. I finally met a patient, empathic human being, who is involved and wants to help! – Relly N.

Raluca is a very knowledgeable person and passionate to help. She is patient, talented and always exceeded my expectation in finding workable solutions to my health concerns. As soon as I followed Raluca’s recommendations, my health and energy level improved immediately. I now understand what foods are compatible to my metabolic type and how to better apply diet and nutrition in solving my health concerns. – Bernard Chu

Raluca’s knowledge is far beyond what you meet in hospitals. Firstly, she has a different approach to illness and focuses on discovering and eliminating the causes that cause the disease, not suppressing symptoms. – Alexander Angelo

It’s been three months since we’ve been eating according to our metabolic type and supplemented with the nutrients our body needs, two months since we’ve eliminated the foods we were reacting to, and we can say that we feel like teenagers: no fatigue, no gastric acidity, no reflux and more energetic. It was a fantastic transformation for which we want to thank Raluca! – Francesca and Stefan Kopanyi

This is not just another “diet”. It is a valuable know-how that you can use your entire life!


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